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Embrace the Future of Work. Seapine HR Consulting
Seapine helps organizations embrace and implement the future of work so that they can improve productivity and increase profitability while their people enjoy work more.​

Seapine is an HR strategy consulting company. Our job is to help businesses succeed more by improving the experience of work.

Our team is made up of world-class, transformational HR leaders. We provide HR strategy consulting, MAKESPACE+ Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Workshops, interim and fractional Chief Human Resources Officer services, culture consulting, employee experience assessments, and change management for people, systems, and processes.

Punch above your weight. Seapine HR Consulting. Fractional CHRO.
Seapine delivers big HR for organizations of all size.

Through our Fractional CHRO service, Seapine provides organizations of all sizes access to strategic HR leadership. We provide small, emerging, and growing organizations with transformational leadership to architect the talent strategy and prioritize and develop organizational capabilities.


We can help you get the most out of your talent and build a thriving culture now so that you can attract great leaders and create something that you are proud to be a part of.

An outsourced CHRO from Seapine provides you with flexible, on-demand terms so that your organization can have a higher level of expertise to grow and evolve your team without adding another full-time, executive position.

Learn more about Seapine's Fractional CHRO Service.

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Employee Experience Assessment: Culture + Engagement

With Seapine's Employee Experience Assessment, we gather an understanding of existing culture and engagement, partner with you to uncover the ideal state, and provide prioritized recommendations to make improvements around talent, structure, management, systems, and processes.


You get a better understanding of where you are and prescriptive steps on how to get to where you want to be. 

Learn more about Seapine's Employee Experience Assessment.

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Seapine's MAKESPACE+ is a facilitated workshop that builds capabilities around inclusion, equity, diversity, respect, empathy, bias awareness, and non-harassment into your culture so that your organization can be more welcoming to all people.

Learn more about Seapine's MAKESPACE+ Facilitated Workshop.

Seapine is excited to announce the addition of Madison Butler as our COO and the principal curator and facilitator of MAKESPACE+.

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Now is the time to be disruptive. Seapine HR Consulting.
That thing that we couldn’t plan for is here, and it’s shining a light on changes that need to happen.

Great organizations will survive this challenging time with a demonstrated ability and willingness to adapt, strengthen, and differentiate. They will shed the things that hold them back while building core capabilities and will be greater than they were before.


It might feel like this is the time to pause, tighten expenses, and cancel forward-looking projects. It might feel like it’s time to stay the course to demonstrate confidence. Some of this is a good idea, but do you have a plan that allows you to move faster and be nimbler than before?


Read more on the Seapine Blog.

For those who suddenly find themselves managing remote workers, read our tips on the Seapine Blog.

Move fast. Seapine HR Consulting. HR Outsourcing
We offer partnership to the lean HR team.

Seapine is the outside firm for your HR department – the strategy partner and sounding board that allows your talent to move fast and grow according to needs in real-time when things get especially busy. Seapine gives your lean HR team a partner to turn on in a moment’s notice.

The HR department doesn’t simply deliver less because the business is in rapid growth mode, shifting its business model, acquiring others, or redefining its management strategy. HR needs permission to bring in outside expertise and add resources to help move people and talent strategies forward.

Learn more about Seapine's HR Consulting Service.

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