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Building Capabilities

An organization can only be as great as the culture it creates and nurtures for its employees. Seapine's MAKESPACE+ is a facilitated workshop that builds capabilities around inclusion, equity, diversity, respect, empathy, bias awareness, and non-harassment into your culture so that your organization can be more welcoming to all people.

Prioritizing Inclusion


Go beyond checking a box. Make a commitment to having a company that is equipped to bring voices, thoughts, and experiences from frequently marginalized groups and cultures into your programs, processes, leadership, and decision making. 

MAKESPACE+ is designed to help you create an empowering environment that allows people to come to work as themselves. It’s not just the right thing to do. It should also be a business priority and at the core of who you are as an organization.

Format + Delivery


Unique to you. MAKESPACE+ is designed to augment your great culture and tackle the problems and risks that your organization is facing in addition to those that all organizations deal with related to inclusion, equity, and diversity.  We work with you to customize a workshop that meets your organization where it is today and bring it to where it needs to be.


Who. Everyone! We break into group sizes of 10 to 25 people in order to drive participation and get everyone's voice involved in our facilitated sessions. We start with leaders so that behaviors are modeled right away. We prefer to facilitate by team or department so that each team has their own focus and can address their cultural idiosyncrasies.

Where it makes sense. We can facilitate virtually when appropriate or required. We facilitate in-person at your facility when it's safe to do so.

Time. From 90 minutes to a half-day session, depending on goals, audience, and required depth.


Making space for different perspectives and opening minds to possibilities drives creativity and innovation.


Shaping managers  into empathetic, caring leaders who are ready to lead diverse teams with self awareness.


Creating a stronger sense of purpose. We are all in this together and we stand for something good.


Avoiding costly and embarrassing cultural mistakes.


Employees tend to perform well when they see demonstrated values and trust among all people in their workplace.


Facilitating hard conversations in a real way and navigating a polarizing political climate.


Those that feel like they belong tend to be more engaged. 


Creating and introducing more inclusive recruitment strategies to hire the best talent.

People + HR
  • Unbiased performance reviews

  • Unbiased PIPS

  • Human@Work

  • Creating diverse people strategies

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Watch Madison Butler, Seapine's COO and curator / principal facilitator of MAKESPACE+ in action at DisruptHR, London in March 2020.


Madison addresses the unconscious bias that happens when "culture fit" is used as a reason not to hire someone.

Watch Madison's virtual talk at the Lesbians Who Tech 2020 Pride Summit with host Reese Byrne.

Code-Switching Is Not Trying to Fit into White Culture, It’s Surviving It

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